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What is the use of waste conve

Waste conveyor belt can be used for the following purposes:


1Make it into a sunscreen. Due to site constraints, welding operations are often carried out in the open air. In the face of hot summer, considering the unsafe factors such as the explosion of oxygen and acetylene in the sun, the repair plant, according to the external dimensions of acetylene and oxygen mobile vehicles, uses waste transportation to bring a "big hat" to the mobile vehicles. This sunscreen device effectively avoids the oxygen cylinder, the oxygen tank and the oxygen tank Acetylene cylinder is directly exposed to the sun in high temperature weather, eliminating the potential safety hazard.


2It is made into vehicle mudskin. In order to reduce the damage of sand, mud and other substances on the road to the bottom of the vehicle box, accessories and parts beside the wheel during driving, the relevant technical personnel of Changlong company, through test, measurement and comparison, use waste conveyor belt instead of steel plate to make the vehicle fender, which not only saves the steel plate cost, protects the vehicle accessories, and effectively extends the service life of accessories such as the vehicle trunk and fuel tank, At the same time, once the vehicle is installed, it can be used for life, which greatly reduces the relevant maintenance costs.


3It is made into vehicle anti throwing trough. Due to the rebound of the steel plate anti sprinkling trough in the process of material dropping, there is a defect that the material cannot be prevented from sprinkling in all directions. Through the analysis of the material throwing direction and the steel plate anti sprinkling trough defect, the waste conveyor belt is used to connect the original anti sprinkling device with the edge of the carriage on the vehicle with the steel plate anti sprinkling device, The anti throwing device made of waste conveyor belt is directly installed on the new car. This device can effectively avoid the phenomenon of material rebound and throwing, and comprehensively improve the ability of anti throwing.


4Make it into construction waste. These waste conveyor belts are shredded with a chopper. It's used to lay the subgrade. It's used in a lot of highway construction.


5Recycling: put the energy back into the furnace, melt it again, and make a new conveyor belt material.

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