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What are the advantages of foo

With the rapid development of industrial mechanization, conveyor belt is more and more widely used, and the types of conveyor belt are more and more. The types of conveyor belt used in different industries may also be different. The food packaging assembly line needs to use food packaging conveyor belt. Careful friends will find that some food packaging conveyor belts are added with guide bars, and some are added with baffles. What's the effect of these designs What about it?


One is to avoid the deviation of the conveyor belt in operation, the other is to use it as positioning on the bearing surface. When the guide strip is added to the loading surface of the food packaging conveyor belt, the main purpose is to avoid the material rolling. Such conveyor belt is mainly used in some food processing, such as egg conveyor belt. Do you know what the guide bar is?


As the name suggests, the guide strip is a rubber strip with positioning and guiding effect. The effect is to make the food packaging conveyor belt run accurately on the conveyor to prevent deviation. It can also be used as the material positioning of the bearing surface of the conveyor belt. The common standards of guide bar are: 6 * 4, 10 * 6, 13 * 8, 17 * 11 (mm). Its cross section is isosceles trapezoid. The meaning of the standard is 6 * 4, which means 6 mm wide and 4 mm thick. The colors of the guide bar are green (commonly used) and white. The main materials used are PVC, PU, PE, etc., so as to meet the quality requirements of different grades in general industrial industry and food packaging industry.


What's the advantage of food packaging conveyor belt with rib?


It can continuously transport all kinds of bulk materials at any inclination angle of 0-90 degrees. It has the advantages of large inclination angle, wide application range and small floor area. The conveying angle that can not be reached by ordinary food packaging conveyor belt or pattern conveyor belt is solved. In the process of industrial production, it can prevent materials from scattering and loss in the process of climbing transportation and horizontal transportation.


The edge blocking conveyor belt mainly adopts folding edge blocking processing on both sides of the food packaging conveyor belt. In the climbing transportation, it also adopts the form of adding baffle horizontally to ensure the material climbing transportation. It is mainly suitable for the transportation of broken materials, powder materials and easily scattered materials.


The above is about the introduction of the function of food packaging conveyor belt with guide bar and edge, hoping to be helpful to you. Welcome to inquire and customize.

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