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What are the common wear forms

Many farms have the problem of excrement cleaning, and chicken farms are no exception. Breeding personnel can use shovels or bucket trucks to clean chicken manure, but manual cleaning is a waste of time and energy. Therefore, many large investment farms start to use machines to clean feces. Chicken manure conveyor belt is a common farm equipment, which can realize automatic cleaning operation It can reduce the labor cost and improve the work efficiency. Therefore, its application scope is more and more widely, and has been praised by the majority of users.


But in the actual use process, chicken manure conveyor belt often wear, seriously affecting the service life of the equipment, the following small series to introduce the common wear form of chicken manure conveyor belt.


1Wear of conveyor belt cover


The material sliding at the loading place of the conveyor belt, apron, scraper and various sweepers have great influence on the wear of the covering layer of the conveyor belt. This kind of wear is mainly caused by the relative sliding between the conveyor belt and the conveying materials, and also related to the friction of various parts of the conveyor. Therefore, breeding personnel should make reasonable adjustment to minimize the wear of apron, scraper and various sweepers on the covering layer.


2Belt edge wear


The edge wear of chicken manure conveyor belt is mainly caused by the friction between the belt edge and the frame. Under normal circumstances, the conveyor belt should run on the center line of the idler group, but due to the production, installation and use of the conveyor, the conveyor belt often deviates from the center line, resulting in wear.


In the production line, the deviation range of conveyor belt is 5%. If the deviation is too large, the conveyor belt will contact with the roller support and frame, resulting in edge wear. If the deviation is serious, the conveyor belt may turn over.


To sum up, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the chicken manure conveyor belt, the breeding personnel should do a good job of prevention, regularly check the running process of the chicken manure conveyor belt, pay attention to the radial screw head of the drum, the convex part of the cleaner block and the gap between the frames. If there are problems in these places, it is easy to cause the conveyor belt damage and local peeling of the covering layer.


Chicken manure conveyor is mainly used in farm manure cleaning machine, fecal scraper and other automatic cleaning equipment, which can not only achieve the purpose of cleaning the farm, but also reduce labor costs, providing a good environment for the healthy growth of poultry!

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