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Precautions for using white PV

In many people's eyes, PVC conveyor belts are mostly green, blue and black, but in fact, PVC conveyor belts are also white. The white PVC conveyor belts are beautiful in appearance, clean and tidy, and can be used for the transportation of some bagged and boxed food. So, what should be paid attention to when using white PVC conveyor belt?


The conveyor belt will elongate in the process of use, one part is elastic elongation, which can be restored to its original state after the external force is removed, and the other part is the elongation of the framework material shrinkage, which cannot be recovered. Generally, the running speed of white PVC conveyor belt should not be greater than 2.5m/s, and low speed should be used as far as possible for materials with large block head and high wear resistance and unloading device using fixed pear.


The relationship between the diameter of driving drum of roller conveyor and the distribution of conveyor belt, the matching of driving drum and reversing drum and the requirements for groove angle of idler should be selected reasonably according to the design regulations of conveyor.


The feeding direction should be along the running direction of the conveyor belt. In order to reduce the impact of the material falling on the white PVC conveyor belt, the chute should be adopted to reduce the material drop distance. In the receiving section of the conveyor belt, the distance between the rollers should be shortened and the buffer roller should be used as the leakage material. The soft and moderate baffle should be used for the conveyor belt to prevent the baffle from being too hard and scratching the belt surface.


When the conveyor is in use, if there is a lack of idler, it should be added and repaired in time; the idler is covered by materials, causing inflexible rotation, preventing leakage material from being stuck between the drum and the belt. Pay attention to the lubrication of the moving part of the white PVC conveyor belt, but do not grease the conveyor belt.


The conveyor belt shall be prevented from being blocked by the frame, pillar or block material to prevent breakage and tearing. When the local damage of the conveyor belt is found, the artificial cotton shall be used to repair in time to avoid expansion.


Accurate description of the name and nature of specific materials. In particular, particle size, temperature, acid, alkali and other corrosivity and special requirements. State the temperature to be used if necessary. The specific application situation and specifications (width, length, number of layers, thickness, etc.) are required, especially the temperature and traffic volume of white PVC conveyor belt.


During transportation and storage, the conveyor belt should be kept clean, avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow, and prevent contact with acid, alkali, oil, organic solvent and other substances, and be one meter away from the heating device.


The above is about white PVC conveyor belt need to pay attention to the introduction of what matters, I hope you usually pay more attention. No matter how good the quality of the conveyor belt will also have trouble, but usually pay attention to maintenance can effectively reduce this kind of phenomenon. If you need to know the customized price of white PVC conveyor belt, please click online consultation.

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