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What is the difference between

At the beginning, the domestic high angle side belt mainly depended on imports, and the high angle belt generally came from the United States, Germany and Japan. The imported high angle side belt is expensive, but it has the advantage of long service life. Now the domestic conveyor belt is gradually rising, so, what are the differences between China's high angle conveyor belt and foreign countries?


The corner problem of the belt roller; The foreign edge blocking machine is designed with guide angle, and the belt roller has no guide angle, so the edge of the belt roller will have linear conflict with the empty edge orientation of the edge blocking belt. No guide angle design will lead to the baseband air edge azimuth longitudinal cracking. And the pressure pulley is equipped with a small pressure pulley for internal measurement; Many conveyor manufacturers in our country weld the large and small pressure belt wheels together, which simply forms the rigid conflict between the skirt and the small wheel, and the skirt is damaged. In some European and American countries, if the horizontal rigidity of the baseband is abundant, there is no internal test wheel design for the edge conveyor, nor is it necessary.


The foreign side conveyor adopts disc rubber material deflection device, which can reduce the harm to the minimum. In China, the principle of flat belt conveyor is adopted, and the vertical idler is selected to avoid deviation. The inclination section of edge conveyor is not guided by multiple sets of idler of other plane conveyors, so it is very simple to form deviation.

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