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The conveyor belt is used more in the industrial industry. When processing and producing in all walks of life, the conveyor belt is used to convey things, which reduces the labor and material resources of the industrial industry, and also improves the work efficiency. However, there are many kinds of conveyor belts. The materials, styles and properties of conveyor belts used in different industries are different. Many conveyor belts are customized. Many of the conveyor belts used in the food industry are made by customized processing. What kind of customized processing are used for food conveyor belts? Let's introduce it to you.


In the era of industrial development, conveyor belt, as the main industrial belt for processing and producing transmission products, is used by many people in the industry. For the food industry, it is also used. In the food industry, the requirements for conveyor belt are relatively high, and it is appropriate to transport food only if it meets the food grade. Therefore, many factories require customized processing, so small number of products are required Let's introduce the processing and customization methods of light food conveyor belt.


1. Pu conveyor belt with customized guide strip. Add one or more strips on the light food conveyor belt to guide the operation of the conveyor belt and position the light food conveyor belt, so as to prevent the belt from swinging left and right, deviation, guiding and fixing, and prevent swing.


2. The conveyor belt is customized with foam. Add a layer of foam on the conveyor belt to prevent vibration.


3. PVC conveyor belt custom drilling. For the light food conveyor belt drilling processing, it is generally the requirements of the conveyor belt work, and the hole size and distance can be based on the requirements of suction and the requirements of products on the light food conveyor belt.


4. The conveyor belt is customized with blocking block. For the light food conveyor belt to add block is also according to the requirements of the conveyor belt work, whether the food industry needs to be separated with the products transported, whether the conveyor belt is because of the need to block the product upward transport.


5. The conveyor belt is customized with skirt. Light food conveyor belt with skirt is to add skirt shape on both sides of light food conveyor belt to prevent the outflow of conveying materials.


The above is a small series to introduce to you about the food delivery belt which custom processing. I believe that you can understand after reading. For the conveyor belt, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance, because only after maintenance can the conveyor belt be durable. For the conveyor belt, we have relevant experience. If you have demand, the industry will consult our customer service.

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