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Want to be a light conveyor be
The light conveyor belt entered China from Taiwan in the 1980s and began to develop rapidly in China. The light conveyor belt has the characteristics of lightness, stability, environmental protection, and no slag. It has gradually replaced the use of rubber and other materials in many industries. With the gradual expansion, China now has dozens of light conveyor belt production lines.

Light conveyor belts are mainly divided into PVC conveyor belts and PU conveyor belts. The appearance of these two materials is very similar. It is really difficult to distinguish without similar experience, and the prices of these two belts are very different. If the result of the PU is originally required to be bought into PVC, what will happen?

First of all, the PU is food grade. If the food industry chooses PVC, it will not be long before the conveyor belt will be plasticized, and small cracks will appear on the surface. Some plasticizers will be plasticized into the food. Secondly, the PU material itself is resistant to acid and alkali, and the effect of PVC is much worse. Therefore, once the environment is acid and alkali, the life of PVC is greatly reduced, and the cost and trouble of replacing the belt, I will not elaborate. The pulling force and strength of PU are much larger than PVC, so if the drum motor is not big enough, it needs to use 2.0 thick PU. Its strength should be replaced by the strength of 4.0PVC. After using 2.0PVC, the conveying process often has problems, that is normal. .
Having said that, let's teach you how to distinguish between these two materials.
First, the resilience of the conveyor belt is folded by hand: the PVC conveyor belt rebounds slowly after folding, and the PU conveyor belt rebounds quickly.
Second, the scratch resistance of the conveyor belt is tested by the nail: the surface of the PVC conveyor belt is easy to have a dent, and the original sample is slow, and the PU conveyor belt has substantially no dent.

Third, use the fire to test the burning taste of the conveyor belt: PU has a certain aroma when burning, and the smell is small, it becomes a black viscous liquid after burning, and there is adhesion after the hand touch, and there is drawing. When PVC is burned, the food grade PVC conveyor belt has a large smell and is very rushed. After burning, it turns into carbonization, which is hard. After handcuffs, it will become powder and PU will burn less smoke. It mainly uses white smoke. Occasionally, there is smoke because it does not burn. full. PVC burns smoke, all black smoke.

Do the above three checks, basically can distinguish between PU and PVC. Of course, if you choose a big brand, you don't need to have the above concerns. Like the Miou belt, you can not only provide samples for free, but also provide detailed parameters for each product to avoid the trouble of conveyor belt selection.

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