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How to install White PU food c

To use Pu food conveyor belt, its installation method is we must know, of course, if you do not know how to install, find a professional to install it. How to install White PU food conveyor belt?


1. Put a flexible shaft on the coiling core of the conveyor belt, and make the belt roll well. Pay attention to the direction of the upper and lower cover glue before putting it on the frame.


2. The White PU conveyor belt can be rolled up in the workplace which is not suitable to be put on the shelf, and the conveyor belt at the folding position should have enough curvature radius to prevent damage to the conveyor belt. It is forbidden to place heavy objects on the conveyor belt at the folding position.


3. If it is to replace the White PU conveyor belt, the new belt can be connected with the old one, and the unloading and installation of the new belt can be carried out at the same time.


4. For the horizontal operation of White PU conveyor belt, the old conveyor belt can be cut off at any point. For the conveyor belt running in the inclined direction, the cut-off point should be selected to prevent the slide caused by self weight and out of control.


5. After the position of the new belt is put in the right position on the conveyor, one end of the belt is fixed with a clamp, and then the rope around the roller is connected with the belt pulley. The White PU conveyor belt is balanced on the conveyor through the traction device. During traction, it is necessary to prevent the conveyor belt and the frame from squeezing each other.


6. One end of the White PU conveyor belt is fixed on the conveyor frame with a clamp, and the other end is tightened by a pulley until there is no obvious sag of the conveyor belt on the return idler.


7. Fix the tensioning device 100 ~ 150 mm away from the starting point.

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