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How thick is PVC conveyor belt

PVC conveyor belt is a kind of commonly used industrial belt, which is widely used in food, electronics, pharmaceutical, printing, packaging, daily chemical and other industries. The thickness of conveyor belt used in different industries is also different. In general, heavier products will choose thicker conveyor belt, while lighter products are on the contrary. In addition, the longer the conveying distance is, the more tension the belt needs The thicker the tape, the thicker the tape.


1. The fabric layers of PVC conveyor belt are generally 1 ~ 4 layers


2. The total thickness is between 1 mm and 11.5 mm (different fabric layers have different thickness)


3. The thickness of the corresponding surface coating ranges from 0.5mm to 6.5mm, but other thicknesses can be customized according to different customer requirements,


4. Fabric layers of PVC conveyor belt products can be divided into: one cloth one glue, two cloth one glue, one cloth two glue, two cloth two glue, two cloth three glue, three cloth three glue, three cloth four glue, four cloth four glue, four cloth five glue, five cloth five glue, etc.


Temperature range of PVC conveyor belt?


PVC conveyor belt in low temperature - 10 to high temperature + 80 . Although it is spring now, the temperature in northern cities is still relatively low, and the temperature limit of PVC conveyor belt: - 10 . Due to the temperature limit of PVC material conveyor belt, when the temperature is lower than - 10 , the surface of PVC conveyor belt is easy to harden and the operation is laborious. It is recommended to use it indoors. Of course, when the temperature warms up, the conveyor belt will return to its original soft and hard level. Timely maintenance of the conveyor belt is also a way to increase the service life of the conveyor belt.


The above is about PVC conveyor belt thickness and temperature range of introduction, hope to help you.

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