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How to calculate and adjust th

I believe that many conveyor belt customers are very concerned about how each manufacturer calculates and adjusts the belt tension? There may be some error between each conveyor belt manufacturer. How to calculate and adjust it?


In order to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor, the belt tension must meet the following two conditions:


1. Under any load condition, the tension on the conveyor belt should make the circumferential force on all driving rollers be transmitted to the conveyor belt through friction, and there should be no slipping between the conveyor belt and the drum;


2. The tension acting on the conveyor belt should be large enough to make the sag of the conveyor belt between the two groups of idlers be less than a certain value; in order to determine the tension of the conveyor belt acting on each reversing roller, the tension of the tensioning device and the starting point tension, the tension calculation of each situation should be carried out.


According to the specific length of the conveyor, the tension tension device is designed for easy installation.


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