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Reasons for insufficient trans

Nylon conveyor belt manufacturer: reasons for insufficient transverse strength of conveyor belt. Nylon conveyor belt is more common in daily life, but it has a fatal disadvantage. Let's take a look at it


First, friction roller, scraping device and belt conveyor are added at the turning roller. The scraping device is added at the change direction roller along the conveyor belt to eliminate the problem of material sticking at the change direction roller. The change direction roller can solve the problem of local damage of conveyor belt caused by the material sticking on the roller, and the unloading truck can be replaced.


Second, any concave transition of the conveyor claw pulley, belt conveyor. The practice has proved that the transverse strength of the steel rope type rubber conveyor belt is insufficient. When starting, the repulsion pulley causes the rubber conveyor belt to bear too much force locally, leading to tearing the rubber conveyor belt. Changing the umbrella part of the belt pulley to the belt pulley can completely solve this problem.


Third, conveyor, belt conveyor, conveyor head, tail and intermediate transfer transition improvement: conveyor head, tail and intermediate transfer transition length and transition mode, have a great impact on the service life of rubber conveyor belt. Reasonable transition design should be carried out to minimize the blind damage of rubber conveyor belt, to ensure that there is no double fold and bulge in the middle of rubber conveyor belt, there is no material leakage at the driving drum and blanking place, and there is no trough idler.


Fourth, the claw pulley at any concave transition of belt conveyor. Practice has proved that the mobile conveyor, nylon conveyor belt transverse strength is insufficient, buffer idler, start, repulsion pulley cause conveyor belt local stress is too large, drive drum, lead to tear conveyor belt, change the belt pulley umbrella part into belt roller, rubber coated roller, can completely solve this problem.


The reason of insufficient transverse strength of conveyor belt is introduced to you by the conveyor belt manufacturer. If you are interested in conveyor belt, welcome to inquire.

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