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How to choose the bread convey

The process of making bread is complex, which needs to go through many processes, such as flour mixing, fermentation, shaping, molding, baking, cooling, packaging and so on. In the process of multiple mixing and fermentation, the required conveyor belt shall have good wear resistance, pressure resistance and skid resistance.


After understanding the needs of customers, our customer service and technical engineers specially recommended the bread conveyor belt produced by Mio. The conveyor belt specially customized for customers shall have the following characteristics:


1. Oil resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance and cutting resistance.


2. It is non-toxic and odorless, and can directly contact with food, meeting the requirements of FDA food grade certification.


The customer is very satisfied with a belt that meets the needs of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, anti-skid and other characteristics at the same time. The customer said that he would cooperate for a long time.


The above is the introduction of "bread conveyor belt". I believe you also have a certain understanding. The company can involve many industries according to the needs of users. Special aircraft customization is carried out in the use environment, with three complete customization schemes of the whole category, the whole production process and the whole industrial chain. Please consult customer service for more details. For details, please consult 400-860-6021.

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