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PVC conveyor belt is a very common product in conveyor belt. It is often seen on various assembly lines. It is similar to the product of magnolia oil, and can be widely used in various industries. In addition to good elasticity and low price, there are many types, so many customers will choose it to transport products. PVC Matt antistatic conveyor belt is one of the most popular ones What are the characteristics of this kind of transportation?


PVC matte antistatic conveyor belt is different from the belt with green pattern surface. The belt surface of this PVC belt has been matted and has excellent antistatic performance.


In thickness, this PVC matte antistatic conveyor belt is thinner than the conventional model, but it continues the previous material design and manufacturing process, and will not have any influence on strength compared with the conventional model. The black PVC conveyor belt is targeted, and the conveyor manufacturer is also engaged in the photoelectric industry customer feedback in continuous improvement, developed this product. The demand of anti-static in photoelectric industry is integrated. Meanwhile, the surface treatment of matte provides a considerable degree of efficiency optimization in the face of some scanning and recognition scenarios, and can significantly improve the efficiency of sensor recognition.


The reduction of PVC matte antistatic conveyor belt in thickness can be used in a large extent compatible with more equipment. At the same time, the surface matte treatment and wear-resistant performance are both considered. When it comes to the photoelectric industry conveyor belt manufacturers want to tell you that we are not unfamiliar. In fact, we have talked about many of the applications of PVC conveyor belt. It is common to use X-ray detector at various travel stations and baggage conveying system in airport. At the same time, the belt mass is lighter, and it can also play an energy saving effect in use, thus helping users to open up the source and throttle.


Above is about PVC Matt anti-static transport with what characteristics of the introduction, I believe you also have a certain understanding. Welcome to inquire about it.

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