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Industrial conveyor belt daily

Customers often ask the question of how long the industrial conveyor belt can be used when purchasing. In fact, we do not have a unified answer to this question, because in addition to the quality of the conveyor belt itself, there are many factors that will affect its service life, whether the conveyor belt is correctly installed, and whether it is well maintained every day. Industrial conveyor belt daily inspection focus on which parts?    


1. Bearing point: the easily damaged part of the micro conveyor belt.


Screen bars with a certain distance are set at the blanking trough. The fine materials fall onto the belt first to form a cushion layer through the gap of the screen bars. After the speed of the large pieces of materials is reduced, they slowly fall onto the cushion layer, so as to reduce the impact of materials on the belt.


2. Guide groove: the guide groove is another cause of belt surface wear. The closer it is to the belt, the more severe the wear will be.


There should be a certain gap between the bottom edge and the belt. The gap is wedge-shaped and the running direction is gradually increasing. The rubber baffle at the lower edge of the guide groove should be checked frequently to prevent materials from jamming. The fixed part of the loading point device shall not be in contact with the surface of the belt, and the material shall not be stuck in the guide groove.


3. All rollers should rotate flexibly. Improper selection of roller diameter has bad effect on the belt service life.


If there are many attachments on the drum, it will lead to the deviation of micro conveyor belt, abnormal wear of covering rubber and local fatigue or even fracture of belt core. Therefore, regular inspection and timely removal should be carried out. The rubber sheath of active roller is to increase the friction coefficient, reduce the tension and reduce the slipping caused by wet conditions. The grooving of the rubber sleeve improves the cleaning function of the sleeve and the belt, and prolongs the service life of the roller. When the rubber sleeve of roller is worn abnormally, it should be replaced as soon as possible.


4. Upper and lower idlers: during the inspection of idlers, the foreign matters attached to the surface of idlers should be removed, especially the lower idlers. Sometimes the attachments may cause the industrial conveyor belt to deviate and cause belt edge damage.


The damaged and non rotating idlers shall be replaced in time. In addition, the management and lubrication regulations of idlers should be strictly observed. If too much grease is injected into the conveyor belt, the rubber will become soft and expand, delamination and peeling off after the surface of the conveyor belt is stained with grease and lubricating oil, and even the rotation of the conveyor belt and the belt pulley is not synchronized, resulting in abnormal wear of the rubber conveyor belt.


The above is about the industrial conveyor belt inspection key to see which parts of the introduction, I believe you also have a certain understanding.

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