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Features of Teflon mesh belt

Teflon conveyor belt is a common type of conveyor belt. It belongs to high temperature resistant conveyor belt, which can be used in the high temperature environment of more than two hundred degrees. There are two common types of Teflon conveyor belt, one is Teflon high temperature resistant cloth, the other is the Teflon mesh belt introduced in this section. So, let's learn more about this industrial conveyor belt.


The surface of Teflon mesh belt is smooth and easy to clean, and almost all adhesive substances such as paste, resin and coating can be easily removed. Therefore, Teflon conveyor belt can be used to transport multiple sticky products, such as all kinds of products that may have oil stains, stains or other attachments.


Application range of Teflon mesh belt:


1: Textile, printing and dyeing: printing drying, bleaching and dyeing cloth drying, fabric shrinkage drying, non-woven fabric drying and other drying channels, high temperature resistant conveyor belt.


2: Other items: high frequency drying, microwave drying, freezing and thawing of all kinds of food, baking, thermal shrinkage of packaging materials, drying of general moisture containing articles, rapid drying of flux based ink, etc.


3: Silk screen, printing: loose dryer, offset press, UV series photo curing machine, paper oil drying, UV drying, plastic products screen printing drying, drying channel, drying room conveyor belt.


Characteristics of Teflon mesh belt:


1, for low temperature -196 degrees, high temperature between 300 degrees, has weatherability, anti-aging. After practical application, if it is stored at 250 for 200 days continuously, not only the strength will not be reduced, but also the weight will not be reduced; when it is placed at 350 for 120 hours, the weight will only be reduced by about 0.6%; and the original softness can be maintained under the ultra-low temperature of - 180 .


2. Non adhesion: not easy to adhere to any substance. It is easy to clean all kinds of oil stains, stains or other attachments attached to its surface, and almost all adhesive substances such as slurry, resin and coating can be easily removed;


3. It is resistant to chemical corrosion, strong acid, alkali, aqua regia and various organic solvents.


4. Good dimensional stability (elongation coefficient less than 5 ) and high strength. It has good mechanical properties.


5. Bending fatigue resistance, can be used for small wheel diameter.


6. Drug resistant and non-toxic. It can tolerate almost all kinds of medicament.


7. Fire retardant.


8. Air permeability - the air permeability of conveyor belt, reducing heat source consumption and improving drying efficiency.


The above is about the introduction of Teflon mesh products related knowledge, I believe you also have a certain understanding. Welcome to inquire and customize.

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