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The seamless conveyor belt of

In order to effectively prevent debris accumulation, the seamless conveyor belt widely used in food production line can clean the hinge area to the greatest extent and effectively prevent debris accumulation on the conveyor belt; Seamless conveyor belt can not only save water and related energy costs, but also reduce cleaning time and labor workload;


With the promulgation and implementation of the food safety law, more attention has been paid to food hygiene and safety, and the hygiene standards have reached an unprecedented level. In order to meet the increasingly stringent hygiene requirements without affecting the production efficiency, we must choose a seamless conveyor belt solution that can be simple and thoroughly cleaned, and conduct extensive research on the cases of different factories, Our company has developed a series of easy cleaning products to meet the specific cleaning problems faced by food processing enterprises and solve the problem of low cleaning efficiency of food production line;


Recently, the processing enterprise installed the seamless conveyor belt specially customized by our company, which reduced the cleaning time and water consumption of the conveyor belt with continuous and durable operation. Now the cleaning personnel can clean the food conveyor belt and frame in just one day. Moreover, the factory has continuously passed the bacterial test, which has proved the excellent cleaning effect of the food grade light conveyor belt, Compared with manual cleaning, this equipment can meet the cleaning requirements faster, with less water consumption and greatly improved output, which not only reduces product pollution, but also saves water consumption.


The company is satisfied with the non shutdown and maintenance free solution. With the increasingly strict hygienic standards, it is particularly important for food processing enterprises to use excellent industrial conveyor belts to realize the transmission of sanitary products.


The above is about the introduction of "seamless conveyor belt in food processing industry". I believe you also have a certain understanding. The company can involve many industries according to the needs of users. Special aircraft customization is carried out in the use environment, with three complete customization schemes of the whole category, the whole production process and the whole industrial chain. Please consult customer service for more details. For details, please consult 400-860-6021.

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