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What standards should food cer

The food industry is closely related to our life. In ancient times, food was pure natural without processing. In order to make the food stored longer and synthesize more delicious food, modern technology will process all kinds of food, such as bread, cheese, biscuit, and so on, which are presented to us again in various forms, but in any case, only If food should be safe and non-toxic, so should the parts of equipment used in food processing. What standards should food certification conveyor belt meet?


Standards for food certification conveyor belts. It is not only necessary to strictly require its safety and hygiene, if it does not meet the standards, it is irresponsible to consumers. Then the food certification conveyor belt manufacturers will give you to introduce some of the characteristics of food certification conveyor belt.


European legislation on contaminants in food regions aims to link food safety and hygiene. It requires that the content of contaminants in food should not be hazardous to human health, nor affect the nature or quality of food. Our main policy should be to make sure that the food becomes more safe and to protect the health of consumers.


1. First of all, grade requirements: all of our Pu conveyor belts made of 100% polyurethane extrusion materials meet the FDA food grade requirements.


2. It is necessary to understand the origin of bacteria and other pollution risks to avoid any health risks. Microorganisms may interfere with food processing anytime, anywhere.


3. The top coating of conveyor belt must be easy to clean.


However, it is not possible to clean the grid appearance like a modular conveyor belt (made of splitter components such as shafts, buttons and modules).


The open grid structure between the top and bottom of the conveyor belt increases the risk of food contamination.


Therefore, in order to ensure the safety and health, the quality of the conveyor belt must be strictly required. Welcome new and old customers to inquire and customize.

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