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Selection and precautions of c

Large angle skirt wave conveyor belt: large angle rib conveyor belt is also known as Shen large angle belt conveyor. This kind of conveyor belt is suitable for transportation quality of 500-2500kg / M and material limit block size of 100-250mm. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient maintenance and small use space. It is favored in electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries.




The shape of the baseband of the corrugated belt is the same as that of the general belt, but its transverse stiffness is larger than that of the general belt. Generally, special conveyor belt is selected as base band, and its tensile material (core layer) is divided into cotton canvas, nylon canvas, polyester canvas and wire rope core.


2Wavy edge


S-shaped corrugated edge is selected for large angle edge blocking conveyor belt.




1. T-type, TC type, TCS type and C-type diaphragms are recommended to be used for the products with large inclination angle.


2. T-type diaphragms are only suitable for transporting sidewall machines with inclination angle β ≤ 40 ° while TC, TCS and C-type diaphragms are suitable for transporting sidewall machines with arbitrary inclination angle.


3. C-type diaphragm is suitable for conveying viscous materials; TC or TCS type diaphragm should be selected when the conveying angle and material density are large.


4. The interval between diaphragms is an integral multiple of the wave distance of the wave edge; it is necessary for the diaphragms to align with the wave valley of the wave edge. The diaphragms interval TS is related to the rib height h and delivery angle β.


Matters needing attention in the application of large angle side retaining conveyor belt


1. The storage and application method of large angle skirt side belt is the same as that of general belt and heat resistant belt.


Seamless skirt conveyor belt_ Large angle corrugated edge conveyor belt


2. The cover belt should be selected when the angle of the large inclined belt exceeds 70 degrees. The advantages of the cover belt can be used to prevent the damage to the baseband caused by material leakage, and can also increase the transportation volume of materials.


3. The requirements of large angle side belt on roller are much higher than that of flat belt. If the same type of belt is used, the roller type is larger than that of flat belt. 4


Base band of large inclined belt: the base band of corrugated belt conveyor mainly receives tension, but its lateral rigidity also plays a great role in the application function and effect. If the rigidity of the conveyor belt is too small, it will cause transverse deformation of the conveyor belt, resulting in the phenomenon of scattering.


5. When selecting the clapboard and skirt of large inclined belt conveyor, the carrying capacity of conveyor should be considered first, such as the height of skirt, the size of clapboard interval and the size of useful bandwidth.

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