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How to deal with the blockage

PVC conveyor belt for food is widely loved by consumers because of its light weight, friendly price and long service life. It is widely used to transport canned, bagged and canned food in factories. The PVC conveyor belt for food has many advantages. In addition to the normal wear and tear of the conveyor belt, blocking is a common problem. This problem has baffled a large number of masters. Then, why does PVC conveyor belt block and how to solve the problem?


1. When the food conveyor belt is working, the speed of the material is slow, the accumulation of the material on the belt is increased, and there may be peculiar smell. It's time to clean up


2. If there is obvious difference between the rotation speed of the driving roller and the running speed of the belt, and there is a burning smell, it can be judged that the food PVC conveyor belt is slipping. Although the drive system of the belt conveyor is normal, because the belt is not tensioned, the materials will pile up more and more, which eventually leads to the blockage of the belt conveyor.


3. The material slips and blocks on the belt during transportation. The linear speed of the belt is normal, but the more materials are piled on the belt, it can be judged that the materials are slipping and blocking on the belt.


Understanding of the food PVC conveyor belt blocking problem, then how to solve it?


Belt slip: adjust the belt tension to return to normal.


The following methods can be used to block the materials when they slip on the PVC conveyor belt for food:


1. The moisture content of the material is too low, so the moisture content should be controlled in an appropriate range;


2. If the friction coefficient of the belt surface is too small and the stripes have been damaged, inform the maintenance worker to replace them.


3. If the inclination angle of the belt conveyor is too large, the food PVC conveyor belt can be replaced by a belt with deeper surface stripes to increase the friction of the belt and prevent the sliding between the tobacco and the belt.


The above is about food PVC conveyor belt blocking is how to return a responsibility, how to solve the introduction, hope to help you.

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