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Nylon baseband is often used in the production of the drive belt, generally in the temperature between - 10 ~ + 60 normal use. So, how to keep nylon baseband? Keeping a good baseband can make it live longer and make more profits for enterprises. Next, nylon baseband manufacturers for you to introduce nylon baseband in the use of storage should pay attention to.


1. Nylon sheet base drive belt is composed of high-strength nylon sheet base as tensile layer and wear-resistant leather or rubber. It should be kept away from direct sunlight. It should be placed in a dark place as far as possible. It should be more than half a meter away from the ground. It is appropriate to spread it naturally in the horizontal direction. Compression deformation is strictly prohibited.


2. Please install according to the marked pulley surface, running direction arrow and tension mark to ensure the parallelism of pulley.


3. The standard elongation of the drive belt is 1.8%, and it runs for 2-3 minutes after tensioning. After the tension is evenly distributed, stop the machine to measure whether the tension mark still maintains the original tension range, and then make up according to the situation.


4. In order to prolong the service life of the transmission belt in cross transmission, the rotating body can be inserted at the cross position.


5. The rotating pulling device of the drive belt is beneficial to prolong its service life. Please install the moving device at the position before the belt enters the passive wheel.


6. The drive belt is resistant to all kinds of oil, grease and other general chemicals, but not to the corrosion of concentrated organic acid, inorganic acid, phenol and alcohol.


7. Generally, the transmission belt can be used normally between - 10 and + 60 .


8. Refer to the technical parameter table for more details.


The above is about the "nylon baseband in the use of care should pay attention to the" introduction, I hope the staff can pay attention to the use of nylon baseband after understanding.

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