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How to increase the life of he

1. The relationship between the diameter of the driving drum of the conveyor belt and the distribution of the conveyor belt, the matching of the driving drum and the turning drum, and the requirements for the groove angle of the idler should be reasonably selected according to the design regulations of the conveyor.


2. The feeding direction should be in line with the running direction of the conveyor belt. In order to reduce the impact of material falling on the conveyor belt, chute should be adopted to reduce the material drop distance; the distance between idlers should be shortened and the buffer roller should be used as the leakage material in the receiving section of the conveyor belt, and the soft and moderate baffle should be used for the conveyor belt to prevent the baffle from being too hard and scraping the belt surface of the conveyor belt.


3. Prevent belt load from starting.


4. If the conveyor belt deviates, measures should be taken to correct it in time.


5. The conveyor belts of different types and specifications should not be used together, and the joint should be glued.


6. The type, structure, specification and number of layers of conveyor belt should be selected reasonably according to the service conditions.


7. Generally, the running speed of the conveyor belt should not be greater than 2.5 m / s. The low speed should be used as far as possible for the materials with large block size and wear and the unloading device using fixed pears.


8. When the conveyor is in use, if there is a lack of idler, it should be added and repaired in time; the idler is covered by materials, causing inflexible rotation, preventing leakage between the drum and the belt, pay attention to the lubrication of the moving part of the conveyor belt, but the conveyor belt should not be contaminated.


9. The conveyor belt shall be prevented from being blocked by the frame, pillar or block material to prevent breakage and tearing. When the local damage of the conveyor belt is found, the artificial cotton shall be used to repair in time to avoid expansion.

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