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What should we pay attention t

White PU conveyor belt is often used in the food industry, which has the advantages of oil resistance, antibacterial, non-toxic, etc. it can be used to transport biscuits, chocolate, bread and meat. The service life of Pu conveyor belt is generally two to three years, but some customers have used it for seven or eight years. Besides its own quality, the service life of the conveyor belt has a lot to do with the usual storage. So, what should we pay attention to for the storage of White PU conveyor belt?


1. The conveyor belt shall be kept clean during transportation and storage, avoid direct sunlight and rain leaching, prevent contact with substances affecting rubber quality such as acid, alkali, oil, organic solvent, and 1 meter away from the heating device.


2. The temperature in the warehouse should be kept between -15--+40 and the relative humidity should be between 50-80% when the White PU conveyor belt is stored.


3. Generally, the running speed of conveyor belt shall not be greater than 2.5m / s. The low speed shall be used as far as possible when transporting materials with large block size and high wear and fixed plough type discharging device. When the specified speed is exceeded, the service life of the tape will be affected.


4. During storage, the White PU conveyor belt shall be placed in coils and shall not fold. During the storage, the belt shall be turned over once a quarter.


5. In order to reduce the impact and wear of the material on the White PU conveyor belt, the feeding direction should be in the direction of the belt operation; the drop difference of the material falling on the tape should be minimized; the feeding port should avoid rolling micro or roller spacing and take buffer measures. To prevent the tape from scraping, rubber plate with proper rigidity shall be used for the contact part of the material retaining device, scraper cleaning device and unloading device and the tape unloading device, and the tape head with cloth layer shall not be used.


6. The relationship between the diameter of the transmission drum and the conveyor layer, the matching of the transmission roller micro changing roller and the requirements for the angle of the idler groove should be reasonably selected according to the design regulations of the conveyor.


The above is about what points to pay attention to in the storage of White PU conveyor belt, and hope it will help you. Welcome to online consultation.

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