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How to change the slot positio

Synchronous belt is a common industrial belt, which is often used in industrial transmission and conveying. Synchronous belt is toothed, also known as toothed synchronous belt. There are two main materials of synchronous belt, one is rubber synchronous belt, the other is Pu synchronous belt introduced in this section. Do you know how to operate Pu synchronous belt when changing slot?


What are the methods of using Pu synchronous belt to change slot? That is to say, three grooves should be set on the bottom idler bracket. Generally, the conveyor belt idler should be stuck in the middle groove. However, when the synchronous belt deviates and needs to be adjusted, it should be stopped first and a series of relevant power-off operations should be carried out. Then, the lower idler should be lifted by Jack, and then lifted from the middle groove, and put into the left or right groove to complete the adjustment The number of brackets and the distance between brackets affect the square form.


In order to solve the problem of low efficiency of downward idler adjustment of belt conveyor in the industry, this mechanism mainly includes a convex support block at one end, a fixed part, a roller clamping slot, an adjusting screw and other components. A belt frame clamping slot is set on the fixed part, and a roller clamping slot is also arranged on the support block. The adjusting screw passes through the convex block of the support block and interacts with its clamping slot connect.


In the operation of Pu synchronous belt conveyor, the rubber belt deviation adjustment process is safe, fast and efficient. It is very suitable for the fast adjustment of the downward idler of various specifications of conveyor. It has the advantages of simple and practical, high safety factor, less personnel consumption and no additional fault impact. It is suitable for the promotion and use in the working condition of serious deviation of industrial belt, and it is helpful to improve the operation efficiency of belt conveyor To avoid the problem that the conveyor belt operation is affected by shutdown and deviation adjustment.


It can meet the needs of users in different operation sites. The roller adjusting device is installed on both sides of the belt conveyor frame, and the two ends of the roller are respectively stuck in its slot. In this way, the slot is moved back and forth by turning the adjusting screw to adjust the position of the roller.


The specific operation mode of Pu synchronous belt is as follows: first, judge the direction to be adjusted. We can assume that we need to move to the left. After fixing the self-locking nut on the right side of the lead screw with tools such as a wrench, screw the nut on the left side of the lead screw with a wrench in the counterclockwise direction. The lower idler group will move slowly to the left with the movement of the lead screw. First tighten the nut for several turns, and then observe If the running condition is still deviated, repeat the two-step operation again until the rubber conveyor belt does not deviate.


The above is about the Pu synchronous belt slot to how to operate the introduction, I hope to help you.

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