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Does the food conveyor belt ha

Food grade conveyor belts are not necessarily white. Food conveyor belt is produced and processed from non-toxic materials. It is non-toxic, odorless and smooth on the surface. It is suitable for transporting food industry, food and other natural environments.


Nowadays, the key material of non-toxic food conveyor belt is Pu type. Because PVC and high-pressure polyethylene have harmful ingredients to the body, now food enterprises basically use Pu conveyor belts. The materials include PVC, high-pressure polyethylene, polypropylene, PP, plastic steel profiles, acetal, PE, polyester, PA, etc. according to the actual food, there will be corresponding special conveyor belts. For example, the conveyor belt of aquatic products stipulates that the grid diagram can leak, and it also needs corrosion resistance, which is very easy to clean.


Common are: Vegetable conveyor belt, special conveyor belt for leisure snacks, special conveyor belt for beer sprinkling, special conveyor belt for seafood and aquatic products. Be able to select different materials according to different food categories.


The above is a detailed introduction about whether the conveyor belt for food must be white. We look forward to your assistance.

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