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Shanghai industry transmission

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Company profile
Shanghai Kun industry transmission system Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, is headquartered in Shanghai, Baoshan,
Has set up branches in Qingdao and Harbin and other places, and in 2011 set up a production plant, has become a production and marketing enterprises.
2016 Shanghai kunye and Shanghai Mi'ou jointly acquired Zhejiang Huaxia Textile Plastic Co. Ltd., established a large production base,
Zhejiang Mi'ou registered with Limited by Share Ltd. Thus forming a chain of multi company conveyor belts.

Product introduction
The conveyor belt mainly engaged in KUNYE and Mi'ou system with two brands,
Provide timely on-site tracking processing services, with 24 hours of on-site bonding, commissioning and other services.
Products from rubber, polyurethane (PU), synthetic leather, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), silica gel, plastic, stainless steel, such as a full range of products.
Acting at the same time the world brand OPTIBELT (Opit), GATES (Gates), BAND (in East), Gaudi MEGADYNE,

Scope of application
Customers can enjoy one-stop shopping, processing, and ancillary services. At present, products have been in the wood industry, food, electronics, textiles, tobacco, marble, glass, ceramics, the airport industry, steel, beverages, automobiles, building materials, manufacturing and other industries have been praised by users.

Industry Base
Shanghai industry transmission
Add : China, Shanghai, Baoshan District, Gu Bei Road, No. 88
Tel : 86 021-56069891
Fax :86 021-56944200
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