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The food conveyor belt is a polyurethane (PU) conveyor belt which is made of a specially treated polyester composite fabric and is coated with a polyurethane (PU) resin as a carrier surface. Polyurethane (PU) conveyor belt has the characteristics of high tensile strength, good winding, light and thin and tough, and is resistant to oil, non-toxic, and easy to clean. The conveyor belt is fully compliant with US FDA food hygiene standards. The conveyor belt has excellent wear resistance and physical aging resistance, making it an ideal conveyor belt for durability.

Material composition
Brief description of the food conveyor belt:
The food conveyor belt is made of non-toxic materials, non-toxic, odor-free, smooth surface, suitable for transporting food and food materials.
The main material of the non-toxic food conveyor belt is PU. Because PVC, polyethylene, etc. contain harmful components, it is now used in the food industry for PU-type conveyor belts.
The material is PVC, polyethylene, polythene, PP, plastic steel ACETAL, PE, nylon, PA, etc., according to the specific food, there are corresponding special conveyor belts, such as: the aquatic conveyor belt requires the mesh to seep water, but also Anti-corrosion, easy to clean.
Commonly used are: vegetable conveyor belt, special conveyor belt for snack food, special conveyor belt for beer, special conveyor belt for seafood and aquatic products.

the difference

Food conveyor belts mainly transport things that people eat in their lives and involve our health problems. The green conveyor belt is mainly that the material of the conveyor belt is recyclable and is essentially different from the food conveyor belt. Not only can it be recycled, but it can be combined with nature after it has been discarded after use. He is known as the "health ambassador" of the conveyor belt family.

Maintenance and maintenance
In the transportation and storage of food conveyor belts, it should be kept clean to avoid sunlight exposure or rain or snow immersion, to prevent contact with acids, alkali oils, organic solvents and other substances, and one meter away from the heating device. The temperature in the warehouse should be maintained between -18 ° C and 40 ° C during storage, and the relative temperature should be maintained between 50-80% RH. During storage, the product must be placed in rolls, not folded, and should be flipped once a quarter during placement. Conveyor belts of different types and sizes are not suitable for use together, and the joints are preferably glued. The type, structure, specification and number of layers of the conveyor belt should be selected according to the conditions of use. The running speed of the conveyor belt is generally not as large as 2.5 m / s. The block size is large, the material with high wear and the fixed plough type unloading device should be used at low speed. The diameter of the transmission drum of the conveyor and the closing of the conveyor belt, the transmission roller, the reversing drum and the requirements of the groove angle of the conveyor should be reasonably selected according to the design regulations of the conveyor. The feeding direction should be in the running direction of the tape. In order to reduce the impact on the tape when the material falls, the chute should be used to reduce the falling distance of the material; the receiving section of the tape should shorten the spacing of the idler and use the buffer roller to prevent leakage. A soft and moderate baffle should be used to avoid the baffle plate being too hard and scratching the belt surface of the conveyor belt.

Precautions for use
Avoid the roller covered by the material, causing the rotation to be ineffective, prevent the leakage from getting stuck between the roller and the tape, pay attention to the lubrication of the active part, but not the oily conveyor belt; avoid the load to start; the tape should be reversed, and measures should be taken to correct it in time. It is found that the local operation of the tape should be repaired in time to avoid expansion; the tape is prevented from being blocked by the frame, the pillar or the block material, and the crack is prevented from being broken.
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